Tom Clancy's: The Division

2014 - 2015
Platforms: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One
Role: Level Designer

I was responsible for designing and building the Gramercy district, one of 16 areas within the game. It consists of 18 blocks and the road network that links them.

Inspired by my previous work on Crysis and a healthy amount of time playing Left 4 Dead - another co-op shooter, my aim for Gramercy was to allow the player to weave in, out, over and under buildings, breaking down individual blocks into multiple intertwined routes that allowed each player in the squad an opportunity to explore a different path for themselves while still moving together as a group. This approach opened up the possibility to have larger scale longer flowing routes that covered many separate blocks giving greater replayability.

Each block was whiteboxed with this in mind. Working closely with the art and narrative teams together we fleshed out the basic concept to develop a cohesive and coherent play space. Art were keen to impress the idea of affluence within the district, while the narrative brief required a criminal gang to have swept through the area looting and destroying all in their path.

In addition to bringing the district’s playable environment from concept to final I also placed and scripted events around the zone, set up patrols, encounters, and loot crates.

Further assignments included:

  • Designing a gameplay vignette to be used as a vertical slice to demonstrate our team’s ability to meet and exceed the high standards set by the lead studio.
  • Working in a small group of developers to prototype non-combat events and encounters.
  • Advising and guiding junior designers, playtesting work with them and offering feedback where necessary.
  • Updating and maintaining documentation and wiki pages.