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2013 - Ongoing
Platforms: TBC
Role: Founder

Anti-translate is an independent game development label bridging the gap between games and music through innovative interactive audio/visual experiences.

The concept behind Anti-translate is to collaborate with musicians and producers to create music that can be released both on on its own and as a fundamental element of a game or interactive experience.

Anti-translate is a solo endeavour so my responsibilities have been complete, including design, art, coding, project management, and all aspects of running an independent business.

The primary project ‘Beyond the Infinite’ is a music platformer in which you pilot a ship through time and space avoiding oncoming aurally generated obstacles. Everything in the game is driven by the music, including realtime visuals. It’s designed to induce a synesthetic, zen-like experience.

Development of Beyond the Infinite is ongoing.

Beyond the Infinite - Prototype progression

Beyond the Infinite - Prototype progression

Beyond the Infinite - Phase Two Prototype