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2011 - 2013
Platforms: PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360
Role: Game & Level Designer

The main game features 12 maps, of which I provided the concept, design, and block-out for ‘East River’, ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, ‘Financial District’, and ‘Central Cavern’ before overseeing their production through to final in collaboration with some incredibly talented artists.

I was also tasked with designing and curating a number of features, including 'Rip and Throw' - A feature that involved ripping drainpipes from buildings and lampposts from streets to use as melee weapons. To my joy The Guardian’s review of Crysis 3 had this to say: “The best thing in this game, after who knows how many years of development and millions spent, is hitting other players with a giant pipe”.

Following Crysis 3’s release I worked on the ‘Lost Island’ DLC designing and overseeing the production of new gamemodes ‘Possession’, and ‘Frenzy’ and the map ‘Crossing’ while doing design, setup, and polish on the other three levels.